Friday, March 30, 2007

Not another post, ugh

Finally government has taken the steps necessary to save us from smoke by force. Remember its for our own good. The only thing left to be decided upon is the start date, hopefully later rather than sooner.

I bought two packs of smokes for $10 at the gas station on Tuesday evening. The only other customer in the store asked me, "What'll ya do when those are illegal?" Without hesitation I replied, "Go home and clean the guns." That seemed to scare the crap out of him and I'm glad it did. People don't even question that cigarettes being illegal could be a reality. It'll never happen though, too much tax revenue at stake.

Speaking of taxes here's a proposal working it's way through the Capitol. The plan is to tax the "rich" a lot more so the poor can get a break, and what a break it is. It's proposed that if your taxable income is less than $5,400 (meaning poor) you'll recieve 90% of your property tax money back in a refund from the State of Minnesota. Don't worry, the "rich" are paying for it, so it's morally palatable.

Ohio passed some nasty lending laws about a year ago that banned about 35% of all mortgage loans. Forclosures have hit the roof, prices are falling and few people can get a loan. The solution now is that the State of Ohio is going into the mortgage lending business. They're planning on selling $100 million dollars in bonds and refinancing people who are behind on their loans. History tells us that government funded bailouts usually are the answer and I'm sure this will work without the usual unintended consequences of government action.

I think its a city in Texas that adopted a law to ban the feeding of homeless people without a license. Obviously it's almost impossible to get the license when YOU'RE A PRIVATE CHARITY FEEDING HUNGRY, MENTALLY RETARTED PEOPLE so most organizations quit trying. One church is suing the state over the issue which is a better use of resources than wasting those funds helping those in need like a charity should be doing.

The police were doing well this week too. In Saint Louis Park they raided the wrong house. Now the home owners can't sleep without nightmares of Storm Troopers. Somewhere else in the country some Storm Troopers tasered a guy three times while he vomited all over himself. That wasn't enough so a Storm Trooper stood over him and shot him three times in the chest, at point blank range, in front of his friend and her two childeren. The victim was a veteran of Iraq so at least he was familiar with treatment like that. How does it feel?

A group of people who had been tortured by the US gubbamint and found to be innocent tried suing Donald Rumsfeld and had their suit thrown out of court. The judge said that Rumsfeld couldn't be held responsible for the actions of people under his command, he can't keep track of all those people. Torture, it's all good now.

How much longer can this continue? Forever. That's right, forever. And it'll only get worse.

Monday, March 05, 2007

DDO killed my friends

Hey you, it's been a while. How've you been? So sorry about not calling lately, or blogging for that matter. It's all my fault.

Seven days a week of work is getting old. I always thought I wanted to work harder and harder but now I realize I need to focus and work smarter. So much of what I do is hit and miss but it all seems to pile on one day of the week and nearly kill me. To my good friends who I haven't spent much time with lately I apologize. Give me a call so we can hang out. I think the vending company may go up for sale this summer. One person has already expressed interest upon mention of the possibility, I'll call ya first Daddy.

In the inspiration department Tim at the mortgage company got back from his commercial carreer seminar with a fresh dose of inspiration. The woman who runs the program is BIG TIME and very inspiring. I spoke with her on the phone for just a few minutes recently and even that had a big effect on me. She doesn't take any excuses for not growing your business. This woman earns more in one day than anyone reading this blog earns in a year. Its just amazing what she does. Tim and I are going fishing for bigger fish now. Well, not me really, more just Tim.

Went to a car dealership to get an oil change today. When the girl typing my information in the computer asked for my name she and I made eye contact for just a moment. One second later she and I both realized the last time we saw each other we had a conversation in the bathroom at a house party years ago. Previous to today that was the first and last time I saw her. It was uncomfortable to sit in that waiting area for the next half-hour.

Remember that security in life doesn't exist, so stop looking for it. All there is in life are different degrees of risk.

Keep your iron clean and ready.