Friday, January 19, 2007

Responding to j x 2

j x 2 said, "Ahhh...Libertopia. A "community" of individuals concerned solely with #1."

Here's the deal. Everyone is selfish to a point and we all need to look out for ourselves. Even after stealing half of our resources each year the government still can't help us. If you think I'm selfish, I am. Here's my question: What's the object of the game of Monopoly? I'll help you. The object is to buy as much property as you can, charge as high of rent as possible, collect all of the money, property and resources from the other players until you have all the money, they have none, you're rich, they're broke and you win. Life is no different.

Anyone under age 35 who thinks that social security will help them in retirement needs a brain transplant. There's no help coming, it will be every person for themselves. As the government steals more the people will become more and more selfish and the spiral will continue.

You seem to dislike the fact that a Libertarian may look out for themselves before others and I'll tell you that I certainly do. The last thing that I'm worried about is how you're going to pay your rent this month, frankly I don't care.

It's really simple. You either sit down and make a plan to make more money in your life or your life will be the result of somebody else's plan, maybe even mine.

After reading all of that I do give back. I donate $100 per month to Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly because I hope I'm not lonely in my old age. See we aren't as selfish as we sound.


Blogger C-Train said...

Its true that most libertarians are concerned with number one, however our government is forcing all of us to live by this standard. There will be no libertopia or any other for that matter just a war. Better find out what side you are on regardless of your philosophy.

7:53 AM  
Blogger Lee said...

The philosophy of "only being concerned about number one" (which is drastically different from being concerned with number one FIRST), which we'll call Randist Objectivism, is drastically different from that of libertarianism.

2:52 PM  

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