Friday, January 19, 2007

Responding to j x 2

j x 2 said, "Ahhh...Libertopia. A "community" of individuals concerned solely with #1."

Here's the deal. Everyone is selfish to a point and we all need to look out for ourselves. Even after stealing half of our resources each year the government still can't help us. If you think I'm selfish, I am. Here's my question: What's the object of the game of Monopoly? I'll help you. The object is to buy as much property as you can, charge as high of rent as possible, collect all of the money, property and resources from the other players until you have all the money, they have none, you're rich, they're broke and you win. Life is no different.

Anyone under age 35 who thinks that social security will help them in retirement needs a brain transplant. There's no help coming, it will be every person for themselves. As the government steals more the people will become more and more selfish and the spiral will continue.

You seem to dislike the fact that a Libertarian may look out for themselves before others and I'll tell you that I certainly do. The last thing that I'm worried about is how you're going to pay your rent this month, frankly I don't care.

It's really simple. You either sit down and make a plan to make more money in your life or your life will be the result of somebody else's plan, maybe even mine.

After reading all of that I do give back. I donate $100 per month to Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly because I hope I'm not lonely in my old age. See we aren't as selfish as we sound.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Recent Newspaper Article?

Predatory real estate practices have become more common in the Twin Cities area. As housing prices decline some Real Estate salespeople and mortgage brokers have taken advantage of those in need of help. A common tactic used is called a "Sale Lease-Back." In this transaction the victim doesn't realize they have had their home stolen out from underneath them and their equity stripped away. Landlords are also becoming more desperate as rents have been falling throughout the Metro Area.

Cassandra Lopez of Minneapolis is one of those victims. Now homeless and living outside the Campbell Mithun Tower in Minneapolis Lopez says, "He said it was the right thing to do, now look at me! I'm homeless!" Taken advantage of by a crooked mortgage broker she sits and begs a passer by, "Change sir?" Less than a week ago while begging for money Lopez was kicked in the teeth by a man who refused to help. The man charged in the crime, Luke Douglason (L - St. Paul), commented, "Get a job you dirty lobster cunt." Police used a chemical irritant to subdue Douglason when he was arrested at his place of employment after the lunch time incident.

Lopez accuses Lex Taylor (L - New Brighton) of stealing her home and defrauding her of thousands of dollars. "She should have known better," said Taylor when reached for comment. "All these people who speak nothing but Mexican think they can buy all of our houses. They're OUR houses! I'm the only one trying to stop it. You should be thanking me."

Landlords are getting more money hungry too. Recently at HCMC three people were shot to death while being treated for smoke inhilation after their duplex caught fire in Northeast Minneapolis near Arthur and Broadway. Two others died in the fire. Their landlord, Kory Sachs (L - Minneapolis) has been charged with arson, murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, insurance fraud, sexual assault and sodomy. "You don't pay rent, you don't leave, you trash the place and you expect me to just sit there? Screw You!," screamed Sachs through the bars at the Hennepin County Jail.

Most of the charges stem from the fire that Sachs is accused of starting. When asked why he shot the survivors Sachs said, "Cause they'd sue me! That's the kind of sub-human animals they are!" The sexual assault and sodomy charges stem from when police found Sachs at another of his rental properties in Minneapolis. According to the criminal complaint Sachs forced a tenant to perform oral sex on him as a "Late Fee."

Using the term "Sub-Human Animals" to describe tenants comes from a man known only as Mike (L - St. Paul), founder of the "$lumlord$," a street gang in the Highland Park area of St. Paul. Standing outside his home and leaning against his 2006 Chevrolet Corvette he said, "I had to throw a lot of single moms out on the street in the dead of winter to get this fuckin' thing! It's like a rounding error in my checkbook to buy shit like this!"

Mike's laugh is more of an evil grunt say his neighbors. We asked Mike if he feared being prosecuted by the Ramsey County District Attorney for all of the building code and human rights violations his gang commits. Mike responded by saying, "I've got it covered, they're on the payroll."

David Thune (Douche - St. Paul) could not be reached for comment. His secretary said he could be found mingling with his constituents from the driver's seat of his M1 Abrams Tank smashing tobacco shops and running down cigarette smokers with the .50 caliber machine gun today.