Friday, June 30, 2006

More signs of collapse

At 3:15 am I stepped outside of my house to have a smoke. I'm working late, I know. Standing near my Jeep I was watching a truck pass by on County Road E. As it passed, with subwoofers thumping, a whole bunch of stuff came flying out the window of this Suburban. Several bags spewed their contents as they hit the street. I was pissed immediately and I thought, since I was properly equipped at the time, that this would be the correct response to the occupants of the Suburban. I decided to just watch them drive away.

I headed out into the street to survey the damage. There must have been ten guys in that Suburban because I found several bags from White Castle, a Crave Case and 30 individual hamburger containers. This crap was all over the street. I now regreted just watching them drive away.

I put out my smoke, went inside, and came out with two Cub Foods grocery bags. I started picking the junk up off the road but I paused because I heard a car. I looked up and saw headlights a few hundred feet down the road. I leaned up against the telephone pole on the side of the street with my two Cub bags to wait for the car to pass. I probably looked like an apartment building dweller who went to Cub and walked past the building because I was too drunk or something. The car didn't pass. It stopped and I realized I would have to put my vocabulary away and speak more slowly than usual to deal with this rocket scientist. Being naturally lazy he rolled the passenger side window down, leaned over and started yapping.

"What are you doing out here tonight?" he asked in a nasty, trying to intimidate, kind of tone.

"I refuse to answer any questions you ask me without my attorney present. Unless I am being detained or being placed under arrest I request that you don't ask me any more questions and I also refuse to identify myself." (By this point I'm shocked he hasn't cut me off.) "If I am being placed under arrest I will identify myself with my full name and birthdate. I do not consent to any search of my person or my posessions. If I am not being placed under arrest please inform me immediately so that I may go about my business. This conversation is over unless I am being placed under arrest."

This cop had never heard anything like that. I wish he heard it from everyone he talked to every day. He looked me in the eye and had no idea what to say. I heard the crickets chriping inside his head. Then he turned, sat up, faced forward, put the car in gear and drove away.

I thought I could at least get him pissed off and get him out of the car and ask me if I had any weapons. I would have responded proudly to that question just to make him call in backup because I was wearing two concealed guns and 40 rounds of ammo. Then after he would have called in backup I would have explained that I was just picking up trash in the street if someone asked me kindly. Otherwise I would have given the silent treatment to all new arrivals. But no, he had a confused look on his face and just drove away. I'm sure he felt pretty dumb and is currently trying to think of what to say if someone does that again.

Final Score:

Rex 3
Cop 0

I WON THAT MENTAL CHALLENGE! (I shouldn't brag, it wasn't a fair fight.)

The rest is uninteresting. I picked up the rest of the trash, had another smoke, wrote this and now I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

Monday, June 19, 2006

And they're off.........

Just watched some great friends leave MN for the last time. Jeremy, Anthony, Carl and about six tons of stuff in and behind the moving truck will soon be in a better place. A better life awaits them in a brand new home. Good luck guys!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Funny, Funny Myspaces

Here's two myspace profiles with examples of their text that you should look at before the censors delete them:

John Bolton, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

"Why hello Mr. America, we need more money!" in which I say "HOW ABOUT INSTEAD I GIVE YOU A PITCHFORK THROUGH YOUR DIRTY AFRICAN THROAT." Yep, that's me, and you kids better start thanking me because I'm the only reason you shitfaces aren't speaking ching-chong right now.


Saddam Hussein, Former Dictator of Iraq

About Me: Killing Kurds, hanging out in torture and rape rooms, hiding WMDs, playing hide-and-go-seek with the US military, sodomy, removing veils from women (then laughing about it while condemning them to death

There's little hope for the future

As the oil crisis worsens in the years to come there isn't much to fall back on. America doesn't have a savings account, only debt. Almost 5% of home mortgages are more than 30 days behind in payments today and the economy is still growing! The average household credit card debt level is about $10,000. Yes, that's a one with FIVE zeros behind it. What's going to happen when GDP goes negative?

For those reading this blog who still have hope for the future you really need to start reading about peak oil. Some of my friends read this (you know who you are) and have refused to invest in gold (which I pimp on a regular basis to them) or other precious metals. You know who you are and there's going to be a big "I told you so" when the Dow is going down and gold is going up. Those two will probably cross at about 3500 creating an X on the chart and I'll be laughing all the way to the coin shop.

An omen of the future comes from Zimbabwe where the current inflation rate is 1,000% per annum. Their central bank is coming out with a note worth $100,000 Zimbabwe dollars. This bill replaces the $50,000 dollar note which only came out about four months ago. Zimbabweans are carrying around thick stacks of cash just to buy food. Hmm, sounds like Germany a few years back. I wonder how long it will take before the Zimbabweans are paid twice a day, every day. The new improved note (only improvement being more zeros) is worth about thirty cents in the US. That's right, $100k worth of Zimbabwe dollars can't even buy you a loaf of bread in the US. It can't happen here, right? Don't be so sure.

Nik saw a good sign of collapse on Sunday afternoon. He and Liz, on their way to my place, saw someone throw a paper plate out of a car window. Liz was disgusted but Nik was overjoyed, "Ah, society is colapsing, nobody cares about anything, the end is near" he thought. I think so too.

That's how little people have to care because someone else is paid to clean up the streets with an oil powered machine. About a fourth of all people living in metropolitian areas are dependent on the government for food, clothing and shelter and don't have to give a shit about anything. They'll be the first to go hungry in the coming depression.

You think they're building walls down on the Mexican border because of the current situation? Oh, no way, they're planning for the future. The US government will have enough starving Americans to worry about, they gotta keep the starving Mexicans out. And the bottom line is they will try to feed people by devaluing our currency.

Most wealth will be wiped off the map in the future of the stock and bond markets. People who were comfortable with thier IRA balances will become paupers in short order. The whole thing is overvalued because there is a finite amount of financial instruments out there for all the money to chase. There's inflation in the stock market just like any other supply and demand equasion. Too much money chasing too few goods has driven the prices to the stratosphere.

I for one can't wait until our governments can't sell any more bonds becasue nobody has any faith in them. I can't wait for China to dump its foreign currency reserves of dollars in favor of euros, riyals and gold. I can't wait for a nice healthy 10% inflation rate in the US to cripple the stock market. I just want everyone to realize that you can't depend on government for your well being. Let the collapse come. I'm ready, mentally and financially. Every day the Dow drops and the fed prints another sheet of bills I'll be getting wealthier.

Its too late to change course now. No matter how you act, vote or think, you change nothing until you change the way that money works. There is no hope, only waiting.