Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Change in Attitude

I let my bills pile up for about two weeks in the "To Be Paid" folder on my desk. Last night I went through all of them and wrote a check for each. They all totaled about $3200, wow. The last "bill" I had was a donation solicitaton from the Libertarian Party, the national organization. Every time they send me a letter asking for money I always send at least ten or twenty federal reserve notes, not this time though.

As I was writing the check.....Libertarian it really worth it. Thirty years and government has grown out of control. That whole time dedicated libertarians have worked locally and nationally to stop it to no avail. I threw the letter in the shred file.

If you read any history the only time the size and scope of government shrinks is when it becomes so huge that it cannot sustain itself. I used to have some small hope that it can be turned around with votes but I no longer believe that. Local, State and Federal governments will grow until the U.S. dollar colapses due to peak oil. Small government activisim will remain my passion but I think I'll use my money to buy some silver. Holding back that donation will yeild one more ounce of shiny stuff.


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Blogger Insurgent said...

As Mike Ruppert has said in the past,

"For 30 years I tried to change the government, to no avail. We change NOTHING until we change the way that money works."

That should be a wake-up call to anyone wasting time on political parties.

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