Sunday, May 14, 2006

Its more than Big Brother watching now

Before you read this go to the side of the screen and click on Max's myspace and read his latest blog entry and the comment by Alisha. Ok, now click on Alisha's myspace and read her latest blog entry. Don't skip those parts, they're essential to the rest of my blog entry.

I have this blog on something other than myspace for specific reasons. Many of them were pointed out by Max and Alisha. I don't want everybody watching me and I really don't want News Corp. watching me. If you want to get onto all the government lists everywhere, just click on Jeremy's blog to the right, and then link to his myspace, now you're screwed!

Everyone is watching everyone and government issued RFID chips aren't far away. The FIRST people that are sure to get them against their will are sex offenders. Oh, you're not a kiddie rapist, don't worry, thought crimes probably aren't far away from getting chip status. Within my lifetime I will see a nurse implanting people at the DMV when they renew their permission to live and drive card. (This assumes that I'll die of natural causes, that's open to debate) This card will also be known as the NATIONAL ID CARD. That's so everyone knows who the Jews, I mean, the terriorists are.

(Note, the paragraphs don't seem to flow well in this entry because I'm quite mad, I hope you're all getting my point, but there's more:)

Everyone is watching and I mean everyone. I just rejoined to find a date or two. They now offer "read email verification" which is very fucking disturbing. You pay EXTRA money and you get an email confirmation from that the person you wrote to opens the email you sent them. That's some real stalker stuff. I got an email from a woman several days ago with whom I'd had no previous contact. I read it but I didn't respond because I had to leave. Came back a few hours later, logged on to respond, only to find another email from her asking why I didn't write back! Holy crap! If someone doesn't write back they aren't interested or they don't have time! Maybe you're too fat, broke, stupid, missspelll 2 much or just look like you've been beaten with an ugly stick! Whatever the reason that person doesn't want to talk to you right this second so leave them alone.

I sent out a fair number of emails that never get responded to and it doesn't hurt my feelings. Maybe those women think I'm too fat, hey, that's fine, hope you find someone you like. I just can't believe that you can now pay to stalk someone else's inbox! Maybe I'll join Bob Smith on yahoo personals instead.

Oh, and today at the coin shop four people including the owner of the place were talking about fiat currency collapse! There's more of me out there and it was nice to hear.

Saturday Afternoon -- Kuggies: 730 each -- Shiny Walking Libertys: 17 each
They'll double in a year or two, you need some too!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Holy Jobs

I recently ran into my friend Mike from tech school. He seemed well but he told me his father had passed, hate to hear the bad news. Mike said he had tried to locate me through the social circles and looked for me at Porky's once but to no avail. The reason was he needed a manager for one of the two repair shops his father owned. He's going crazy running both. I jokingly said that it would take a figure starting with at least a 7 to get me to do that again. Mike said that it's a really busy shop with 7 technicians working there that wouldn't be a problem. I still had to say no to even discussing it. I hate auto service that much.

More promising additional employment opportunities exist at my friend Tim's small mortgage company. Tim and I met while I worked at the V-dub dealer, he was a customer there. Tim is buying an office condo to expand his business out of his home. He needs a more capable office staff than what his current assistant can provide. He and I just began discussing me taking that role on. The flexability would work well on both sides. Thing is that if business takes a dive and he doesnt' need me anymore, I as an anarcho-capitialist will NEVER file for unemployment. Tim seems to like that idea.

I also got more emails yesterday than ever before from internet dating. About 6 or 7 inquiries arrived in my inbox. Upon further review I found that while editing my profile I had accidentally changed my description from "seeking women" to "seeking men." That explains the names of the inquiries like Steve, John and Max. I thought I was getting popular with the ladies but no, only getting offers for anal stuff. No thanks boys.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Change in Attitude

I let my bills pile up for about two weeks in the "To Be Paid" folder on my desk. Last night I went through all of them and wrote a check for each. They all totaled about $3200, wow. The last "bill" I had was a donation solicitaton from the Libertarian Party, the national organization. Every time they send me a letter asking for money I always send at least ten or twenty federal reserve notes, not this time though.

As I was writing the check.....Libertarian it really worth it. Thirty years and government has grown out of control. That whole time dedicated libertarians have worked locally and nationally to stop it to no avail. I threw the letter in the shred file.

If you read any history the only time the size and scope of government shrinks is when it becomes so huge that it cannot sustain itself. I used to have some small hope that it can be turned around with votes but I no longer believe that. Local, State and Federal governments will grow until the U.S. dollar colapses due to peak oil. Small government activisim will remain my passion but I think I'll use my money to buy some silver. Holding back that donation will yeild one more ounce of shiny stuff.