Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just a funny blurb

Tonight at the Oil Awareness Meetup Hugh introduced an interesting finding:

A ailen biologist from a distant star formation came to study life on earth. The ailen biologist concluded, from studying the United States, that there was one form of life at the top of the food chain, cars.

The biologist saw that cars have enslaved servants known as humans. Many cars sleep in garages at night but some are homeless and sleep outside. Each day the human slaves bring the cars to parking lots outside of large buildings so the cars can spend all day socializing.

The ailen biologist further observed that the human slaves use much of their disposable income on the keeping of the cars happy. They provide health care for the cars (repairs), food (gasoline) and jewelry (22's). Some slaves provide their masters with tatoos and other adornments to keep them happy.

This tale comes from Hugh, a man who owns two cars but hasn't driven either of them for more than 9 MONTHS!!! Good job Hugh!


Blogger Lee said...

When you trade Federal Reserve Notes, you support COMMUNISM!

It's true. I suck, too.

11:21 PM  

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