Friday, March 31, 2006

The status of things:

Chris: Haven't talked to him for a week, could be dead, I'd better call him
Laundry: Half done
Newsletter: Done
House: Dirty
Alisha: Happy
Motorcycle: Battery Dead
Jeep: Broken (In Several Ways)
Intoxicated: No
Lungs: Still Recovering from the Smoker's Meetup and Poker Night
Jeremy's Chest: Quite Furry (does anyone have a hedge trimmer?)
Jeremy's Rent: Still Unpaid as of 12:30a.m. 4/3/06

The Thursday night Smoker's Meetup was fun, but only beacuse of the good friends there. We gathered at Fern's to take advantage of the last bits of smoking freedom that remain. Depressing. Want to know more about that, read Luke's post.

Happier notes: Friday night I hung out with Max for the first time in a long time. It was great to see him again. The two of us happened to converge on Alisha's place at the same time. Also saw Rowdy later at Barley John's, that was awesome too. Those guys seem to be doing well. Rowdy is now engaged to be married to Munky (nickname). They're looking for a first home right now and I hope they can find something they both like.

Saturday night Lee reclaimed the position as butt of all jokes at poker night. I hope he cried himself to sleep with Kari whispering, "It'll be O.K. honey, I'm sure they really do like you." I wouldn't usually wish dispair on my friends but if you recieved the birthday cake I did, you would say the same thing. :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Start a blog? Me? Never!

I retract that. I was one of the last in my circle of friends to get a cell phone so this is no different. Even Luke has a blog now too. Funny thing is that I haven't posted anything yet, but I already have logged 16 profile views. Seems many people want a look inside my mind, or maybe they're waiting to heckel my first post. This is soon to be determined.

For those of you who haven't researched Peak Oil much I encourage you to check out the first three links here. The wikipedia entry for Peak Oil is a great summary of the situation.

Tonight Lee, Kari, Anthony and myself tried to get the newsletter out. It has to go out soon due to the upcoming convention. We had only printed 60 of the hundreds needed when the printer committed suicide. Jeremy has volunteered the vast resources of CM to complete the job.

The rest of the week will be nuts! I'll be filling machines throughout the day Thursday and Friday, getting the boat into more permanent storage, smoker's meetup thursday night, hopefully get to the bank with Bob so I can be a signatory on the LEF accounts, meeting with Deborah the Tax Ninja Saturday morning to pay my unfair share, putting Carl's townhome on the market Saturday afternoon, poker Saturday night, showing homes to Candice on Sunday in Buffallo and sleeping somewhere inbetween.

Silver north of 10 frn's, looks like Jim's goona pay,